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Trend Alert: Plastic Deli Bags


Who would have thought that the plastic bag we use to go grocery shopping could become a fashion statement?

Plastic Deli Bags have recently gained major importance, due to the fact that they have now become a trend. If you did pay attention to the presentation of the Fall/Winter 2018 collections, you would have noticed models walking the runway with plastic bags.

We certainly did notice the trend outside the fashion venues as famous street style personalities embraced it immediately.

If you think about it, using Plastic Deli Bags can be a life savior, especially on rainy days. Influencers are using them to keep their belongings safe, including their expensive designer bag. It doesn’t matter how you are dressed, whether it is casual or classic, because you will totally rock your outfit even by using the plastic bag as an accessory.

2018 was all about experiments, and you had the opportunity to express yourself through fashion and beauty without even thinking for a second that you’d be judged. Same will happen in 2019, so do not be afraid to express what you really like, in your own way.



Aalto Fall 2018


ASHISH Fall 2018



Marine Serre Fall 2018




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