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Spring always inspires us to dress lovely. It seems like we also change along with the seasons. There must be a reason why people say that even blood “changes” in spring. During this season I have always loved to get dressed in light pastel colours like beige, light pink, light blue, etc. Another interesting idea about spring combinations is naturally the printing of flowers in our clothes, but this time, for a simple sunny before noon I have chosen pastel colours combined in jeans. I finally managed to find these pair of jeans I was looking for; high waist jeans alla `90s in light colour which you can find in Another little miracle is the latest novelty from Chloe for this year which seems like a little portmanteau but it can hold a lot of things in it and it is made of very soft leather and a sweet colour. I combined the whole outfit thinking of my bag, but at the same time thinking of my Givenchy beige heels sandals which are so comfortable and look wonderful with my favorite bag. This also helps me have a casual look. Specifically for this reason I have also chosen this Zara shirt in light pink. Accessories are also an important part of my look. I am very passionate about them and I also collect them. The watch is a special one from Michael Kors. It has a colour play which I adore, especially because it plays with one of my favorite colours, the purple. I collect Michael Kors watches for years now because I think they are high quality watches and have a very fine design. You can find this watch in discount in the following link Since I am superstitious, I always wear a bracelet which I have bought at the “Grand Bazar” in Turkey and I recommend it to all of you. It will protect you from evil eye. I decided to combine it with this ring, again in order to fight the evil eye. It is from Delfina Delettres. Vintage | American Apparel

Photography Geljant Kaleci

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