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Paris Fashion Week


After sharing with you details from Milan Fashion Week, I am now giving details from Paris Fashion Week, which was quite special to me. During this Fashion Week many international Medias, like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazar, shared my pictures on their online pages. To me, this is one of the most important things about that event because it shows that even in that beautiful chaos, some of my looks were chosen as the best looks of the Fashion Week.

Below you will find some of those looks:

Look 1

Dark Ballerina

Being a rocker girl I have always been fond of gothic, dark looks. This is a very feminine match that comes in rock details which make it more like my style and the skirt made by my mom is very dear to me.





Look 2

Polka Dots Vetements

Vetements is one of my favorite brands and as such it is a must during a Fashion Week, especially when it comes to Paris Fashion Week. To make it more fashionable I have matched the sensual dress with Balenciaga cut-out leather ankle boots.












Look 3

Midnight in Paris

Festive nights in Paris, especially the midnight there, need a silky sensual dress matched in a leather jacket. I have always thought that this kind of combination is the most sensual one and it perfectly fits with Paris, but I also try to find outfits that speak of me and are comfortable. I think that the way we look speaks a lot of who we are and how we feel in a given moment.

tem_0624 tem_0632 tem_0641 tem_0660 tem_0745 tem_0771 tem_0881


Look 4


Vintage clothes are one of my passions. This outfit was precisely inspired by vampires like Dracula, but what inspired me most about it was this Victorian blouse from the 1800s, which I matched with a chamois skirt and knee high boots. This is one of my favorite looks due to the fact that it has got history in it.

vinc6085 vinc6107 vinc6080 vinc6064 vinc6060


Look 5


To me, a classic suit combined with ankle knee boots to make it look trendier, is the perfect choice for a conference day at the French Federation of Fashion, but also for the fashion shows after that.

vinc9121 vinc9113 vinc9098 vinc9089 vinc9169 vinc9118 vinc9139


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