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What To Watch on Netflix


As the weather gets chilly, we begin to feel the need of staying home all day and watch Netflix. Lucky for us, Netflix has begun the autumn season with so many new shows and documentaries. We only need some free time – and we got plenty of it – and some snacks to accompany us during those hours spent in the couch or in the comfort of our beds.

If you are wondering what shows and documentaries we are talking about, scroll down and have a look, or better

head directly to Netflix and enjoy them. Much of an enjoyment, some of the news shows will completely blow your brain (literally speaking).


Squid Game

We are pretty sure you have already heard about Squid Game. If not, you probably are the last person to hear. Squid Game is a must watch, even for the fragile heart who can’t stand watching too much blood or death. This South Korean drama series will break more records then it already has, because the story is so captivating. 456 people are locked in a big facility where they need to play a series of children’s game but with life-threatening consequences, in order to win the final prize. As the story moves forward you realize what a person is capable of doing in order to survive and win all that money.



Chestnut Man

The Chestnut Man is a compelling psychological thriller. The story takes place in a quiet suburb in Copenhagen where a woman is found brutally murdered and one of her hands is missing. Near the crime scene a little figure of the chestnut men is found. That’s when two detectives start gathering evidences to find the serial killer.




If you are not that much into psychological thrillers we suggest Maid, a limited series that is full of mixed emotions. Maid tells the story of a young mother that decides to escape from an abusive relationship and together with her 2 year old daughter they go on a journey where she manages to find jobs cleaning houses and fights to provide a better future.



The Guilty

As you have finished every possible TV series on Netflix, it is time you set eyes on movies. Our suggestion is Netflix’s newest addition, The Guilty, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal plays a police officer who receives a call from a young woman, who reveals she has been abducted.



Britney vs. Spears

For more than a year now we found out details about the Conservatorship of Britney Spears that was a shock for us all. This Netflix documentary is the right source for you as it follows the journey from the very beginning. Why was Britney Spears put in a Conservatorship?




The entire world knows about the extraordinary Formula 1 pilot, Michael Schumacher. Thanks to Netflix we have more details about the life of the 7 times Formula 1 World Champion.

17 Mar 2002: Portrait of Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher before the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia. Mandatory Credit: Clive Mason/Getty Images

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