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Our Best Non Commercial Beauty Brands To Try…


Your skin is as individual as you are, so deserve to treat good. Proper skin care plays an important part in your life. With so many different options out there, finding the best skincare products for your face can be a lifelong challenge. In our constant quest for healthy, radiant skin, we’re always searching for the best skin care practices.

An investment in good skin care product results in great skin. So fall in love with taking care of your skin!

Searching for the right skin care to improve the appearance of your skin ? Here are our current favorite products and we wanna tell you to just try these products – at least the ones that work for your beauty routine.

Swiss line

Is anti-aging skin care complete. including potent botanical extracts, these facial skincare treatments stimulate and regenerate the skin, making it look younger and more resilient. The Swiss line collection is for every skin type and condition. Very light textured and makes skin look very nice. Especially helpful if you have dry skin or aging skin. This one is worth trying! You can find it at Beauty Zone Center.

La Mer

It is one of must haves! It is perfect to soothe sensitivities, heal dryness and restore radiance for younger-looking skin. It cleans pores, refines their size, smooths the texture of the skin, plumps, and brightens. It’s the quickest fix for dry, tired… Your skin will look fresh. Truly a fantastic skin care line! You can find La Mer’creams at Etos & al




Biologique Recherche P50

Is a French biological skincare line and effective products in the beauty industry. But what makes P50 particularly special is the mix of sorrell, myrrh extract, myrtle, and onion. With this skin care you will thank yourself later. No more acne and your face will be so much smoother. P50 isn’t just an acne product. It’s fantastic for dry or mature skin types, too, because it sloughs off dead skin cells and gets a glowier, smoother texture going. Also, hydrates and balances your skin’s pH. You can find Biologique Recherche P50 at Faceology Tirana

Louis Widmer (You can find at Pharmacy)

This beauty product made in Switzerland stimulate skin renewal and therefore help to prevent blocked pores. Also, frees the skin from impurities. It helps cleanse the skin in depth, thanks to its antibacterial properties. You should try these products pharmaceuticals because are the best partner for your skin!





Clinique’s skin care system is ingeniously designed to suit any skin type. Clinique has a product for every skin woe out there like: anti-aging, acne, pores etc. This skin care collection brighten, hydrate dull skin, refining, reducing and unclogging pores. Use it daily to keep skin younger, longer. You can find it at Etos & al.


Comfort Zone 

Is an Italian Brand of luxe, anti-aging skincare that you will be in love with it. This skin care product is a powerful biological active which has the ability to stimulate the skin’s immune system. We would highly recommend trying out these products whether you’re new to anti-ageing skincare or fancy a change that will give you results. You can find Comfort Zone line at New Look Tina.





Clarins has a variety of products that are designed to give you the most radiant and youthful version of yourself. This is one of those beauty basics no woman should be without, used under makeup it immediately lifts and tightens, reduces pores, and gives a more youthful and firmer skin. You should try and you can find it at Bamboo Spa Hammam! 




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