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Do you want some insight on how we Pooshies organize our lives? Some of us swear by certain phone apps that help with all things organization. From work apps to apps for your mental health, we have compiled what we think are the best options as far as platforms that will help you with everything that you may need. We know that space on your smartphone is limited so don’t worry, these are worthy of your space and time. Check out some of our favorites below.


Organization Apps for Work
We don’t know what we would do without our Google calendar. Not only does it provide organization for your everyday schedule, but also, it will always remind you 10 minutes before your meeting or commitment. We don’t know about you, but that reminder is always needed!

Slack: Communicating with your coworkers in a way that’s not chaotic is necessary. Stop searching and filtering through emails and group text messages and download Slack. You can create different channels for different departments on your team, leaving all of you on the same page.

Asana: Let us introduce one of our saving graces: Asana. With a calendar built-in, it will keep you on track.

Google Calendar: Get notifications on your everyday tasks, and color code all of the different things that you need to do.

CamCard: CamCard allows you to scan business cards, and then auto-syncs them to your contacts, as well as organizes contacts across your personal technology. It also helps manage appointments and activities.


Organization Apps for Your Finances
They say if you have your finances in order it’ll relieve a lot of anxieties in your life. This does not necessarily mean how much is in your account, but rather how to manage what your balance is.

Ellevest: Created by women, for women, to manage their finances. We love this app.

Mint: Mint will give you goal-driven insights and monitor your subscriptions, because it’s so easy to forget them and pay for monthly subscriptions that you don’t use.

Monarch: Personal Finance: This app will allow you to collaborate with a partner on your finance plans! Downloading now.


Organization Apps for Life
If you’re anything like us, you track packages as soon as you hit “confirm payment.” With Shop, you can track all of your orders in one place.

Shop: Track your orders as soon as you press “confirm payment.”

Calendly: An app for scheduling everything you can think of in life. Trust us.

Jour: We can’t emphasize enough that it’s important to write things down as soon as you have the idea. This will allow you to never forget.

LastPass: Omg. It will remember all of your passwords for you. Say no more.


Organization for Fitness
Your own personal trainer? With apps such as Core Club, you can get virtual one-on-one training from celebrity trainers like Amanda Kassar.

Lifesum: Their motto is “get healthy and lose weight.” This app will make it easy to turn your bad habits in.

Core Club: Meet celebrity pilates trainer Amanda Kassar virtually by downloading her app and taking one of her classes.

Gym Life: Your own personal workout planner.

8Fit: This app is both a workout and meal planner.


Organization Apps for Your Mental Health
Meditation and time for yourself to either reflect on your life or recharge after a long day.

Balance: “A meditation app that adapts to you.” —Balance

Insight Timer: Whether you’re a beginner or a well-practiced yogi, Insight Timer has something for you. Be guided through 18-minute deep sleep meditations, five-minute affirmations, or join a 10-day course to help you let go of fear and lead with love. No matter who you are or where you are, Insight Timer can offer a fresh perspective and mental organization to your chaotic life.

OffScreen: Ironic, but this will help you reduce the amount of screen time you spend on your phone.

Smiling Mind: Made by psychologists and educators, this noteworthy meditation app will leave you at peace with yourself and keep your mind smiling.


Organization Apps for Chores and Tasks
Who likes chores? We sure don’t, but make it a habit and keep a list in your phone as a little motivator to get it done.

Todoist: A to-do list and task manager at your service.

Any.do: Get more done with this task managing app.

Evernote: Note-taking can make or break you. Check out Evernote to never miss anything you need to write down.

Productive: Get this app to build new habits and set your own personal goals.


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