Olivia Wilde’s new documentary on ISIS-fighting women


Olivia Wilde’s new documentary Fear Us Women, documenting Canadian citizen Hanna Bohman’s fight against ISIS, is a must-watch.

In Olivia Wilde’s new documentary Fear Us Women, Canadian citizen Hanna Bohman doesn’t even blink when she says ISIS fighters are afraid of dying at the hands of women since it means they won’t go to heaven. “It’s an insult to them,” she says, “to be killed by a woman.”



Bohman is a 48-year-old former model and biker who has swapped the catwalk for the battlefields in Syria and has made headlines over the years for joining the fight against ISIS, battling on the front lines of the war since 2015.


In the documentary, directed by David Darg and produced by RYOT, Bohman says she couldn’t just stand by and see the horrors of the war without doing something, and that she wanted to “help with the women’s revolution.

In a trailer for the documentary, Bohman explains: ‘When I went there I would tell people “I’m not going there to kill anyone, I’m going there to help people”.

‘You have to make peace with the fact that you could die.’


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