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Olivia Wilde Shares Her Nontoxic Nighttime Skin Care Routine


Olivia Wilde is committed to clean, nontoxic beauty. An actress and activist, she recently joined forces with True Botanicals, a certified nontoxic beauty company, to serve as its chief brand activist.

In this episode of Go to Bed with Me, the Booksmart director shares her favorite clean skincare products with us, and reveals why she decided to go “clean” with her routine. Her aha! moment came when she was pregnant with her first child. “When you’re pregnant, people are like, ‘Oh, be careful. Don’t use any of the things you use when you’re not pregnant, because it’s all poison,’” she explains. “I remember thinking, surely, if things are totally unsafe when you’re pregnant, they’re probably unsafe all the time—and you are worth it even without being a mom.”

“I used to have really bad breakouts,” Wilde reveals, “like into my 20s. When everyone else was done with breakouts, I was still getting them.”

She begins her routine with the True Botanicals Clear Nourishing Cleanser on days when she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. “I was going to dermatologists, and they were like, ‘You have to use this harsh chemical and this crazy peel and this crazy mask.’ And I was like, ‘Surely, that’s not a good idea.”

Wilde gushes over the cleanser’s scent throughout her routine. She says that clean fragrance is really important. “This kind of adds to the ritualistic nature of the nighttime routine. You want something that smells good. You don’t want something that smells like burning tires for the sake of beauty. If it smells like crazy chemicals, it is crazy chemicals.”

Watch the video above to see Wilde put the rest of her nightly skin care routine to work, and learn some of her go-to tips and tricks on how to live a more nontoxic, sustainable life.


From Harper’s Bazaar US

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