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Oh, honey I need a Facial Massage


Facial massages are so underrated and it is time that it is given a big importance to this matter. Women, or even men spend a lot of time doing body massages, but they somehow leave the part of the face, which is essential. Even the face, like any other part of your body holds stress and fatigue, so it should be given major importance.

Though you use a face cream, that does not help a lot when you haven’t slept that much, or you have spent the entire day working. A facial massage helps blood circulation and it can also remove any signs of skin irritation or pimples showing off. There are times when you have had a stressful period and you notice that your face is quite irritated and as much as you apply skincare products, still the pimples won’t leave. The only solution to it, except using skincare products, it’s a massage that will make sure that the tension that runs through your face will fade away.

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You do not have to go somewhere to have a face massage when you can do this at home if you pay attention to a few techniques.

The secret to it all is in your hands and the way you move your fingers through your face while you have applied a cream or any other lotion that helps on the process. Start from your forehead and use only two fingers in circular motions and move to your temples, which for many is the best part ever. Go through your eye area very gently and then move along the nose area, cheeks, jawline and lastly the neck. You can also massage the part of your chest for total relaxation. This one is the easiest technique that will not take you lots of time.

If you want to be motivated more on taking care of your skin, just watch this video of Miranda Kerr as she shares her skincare secrets. Never forget, your skin is the one that defines you, so take good care of it.


Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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