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The “Salt Bae”


They call him the “Salt Bae” and there is certainly a reason for that. Nusret Gokçe is a famous Turkish chef, who owns a chain of steakhouses named Nusr-Et. The technique he uses to prepare meat made him an internet sensation that led people to copy his movements while sprinkling salt: letting it fall down on the forearm then spread on the meat.

Nusret first became famous in 2017 through a viral video from his restaurant’s Twitter account. The video was viewed 10 million times on Instagram, after which he gained the nickname “Salt Bae”.

After spending many years working for free in different local restaurants in Argentina and the United States in order to gain experience as a chef and restaurateur, he opened his first restaurant in Istanbul in 2010. Four years later he opened the second restaurant in Dubai and three years later another one in Abu Dhabi. But, three restaurants were not enough for the famous chef.

Nusr-Et Four Seasons Dubai


Nusr-Et Istanbul


Nusr Et Abu Dhabi


Currently, there are 13 Nusr-Et steakhouses in the world located in other places like Miami, New York, Doha, Bodrum, and Ankara. Due to his reputation, “Salt Bae” has served many famous individuals, who have especially followed him in one of his steakhouses, in order to witness in person the way meat is served to the clients. Well, you can be one of the clients if you put one of his steakhouses on the things to do while being in Istanbul, or elsewhere Nusr-Et Steakhouse is located.

Nusr-Et Doha


Nusr-Et Ankara


Nusr-Et New York



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