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New York Fashion Week Favorites!


New York Fashion Week gave way to a February filled with similar events all over the world. Such shows have turned into magnets to the greatest stylist always eager to introduce their visions in their collections. This Fashion Week was really surprising because unlike many previous fashion weeks it introduced elements that were never seen before. Please have a look at the below list of my favorite fashion shows, the ones that most attracted my attention with their special collections.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is on the top of the New York Fashion Week list. It was definitely my favorite fashion show. The futuristic look mixed in with some `90s details added to its charm. Besides the outfits the trend was also seen in the accessories, most specifically in the sunglasses. Not to mention the crystal embellished tights and relentlessly chic matrix glasses that would make any 90’s fanatic swoon.




Zimmermann will always be one of my favorite brands. It introduced us to the exquisite mix of a romantic woman who can be extravagant and coherent at the same time. In this new collection Zimmerman also brought wonderful details: a mix of leather and floral print dresses matched with leather and floral print boots. I need to emphasize the fact that Zimmerman also introduced wonderful silk dresses in pastel colors that every woman would love to have in her wardrobe.




Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is famous for her minimalist style and this was also applied in this New York Fashion Week show and it was an absolute success. Her cuts were perfect, especially fitted for slim bodies, just like Victoria herself.



Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung fashion show brought about a rainbow of colors to be embraced by all women. It was a collection which offered stylish oversized sweaters and jumpers, as well as velvet and sequined dresses which made us all love Prabal Gurung collection.





Michael Kors

Once again Michael Kors proved us that checkered outfits will continue to rule in the coming season. What most struck me about Michael Kors collection was his unmistakable play of materials and designs. He switches from leather outfits to oversized sweaters and then goes back to the classics. He is absolutely able to spoil us for choice at any time.

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