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New Year’s Resolution according to The Rebel Heart


Being so close to a New Year, makes you feel more and more anxious as a new period will start and new unknown things will come across your way. Just to make things a little more interesting for you, just take a piece of paper or your own notebook and start writing your New Year’s resolution. You may call it a therapy or some kind of a game, but in the end, this list will somehow help you through the entire year and maybe you can turn into reality some of the objectives that you have long been trying to achieve.

To make things more easy and interesting for you, we have rounded up some really funny ideas on New Year’s Resolution.

  1. The list begins with “Think for yourself”. The truth is, when it comes to dealing with things, everyone is on its own, so believe more on yourself and think more on the things that make you happy. Positivity should be the first thing that comes through your mind when the time passes 23:59 on 31st of December. Try to see things in a good way and everytime that you have to deal with difficult things, try to see and resolve them in a positive way.
  2.  Let’s just forget the random words like Get in shape, loose weight or stop eating too much, because we are so over it. We have only one thing to tell you: Go out every day jogging or just walk around and breathe air. The more you think about getting in shape or loosing weight, the more stressful it becomes, so we suggest you just take a long walk in a beautiful park, listening to music, and breathing fresh air. By doing so, you will remove all that negative energy that you have accumulated the entire day.
  3. Have more sex. Sex is not a forbidden word or act, so be more comfortable with your sexuality and enjoy every moment of it. It will help you be physically and mentally happy.
  4. Surround yourself with people that really matter. Surround yourself with people that understand you and are there to support you and are willing to be part of every crazy idea that you might have.
  5. Find a new job. If you hate your job or you are tired of doing the same boring things everyday, it is time you find new opportunities for you out there, or ask for a promotion if that is what you aim for.
  6. Read more. The more you read the more you will be able to talk about different topics and you will gain lots of knowledge. The Rebel Heart suggests you read at least 20 books during 2018, but your reading should be quite selective and amusing at the same time.
  7. Listen to more music. It is time you stop downloading games on your phone and create a playlist only for your guilty pleasures. Get every possible song that exists out there, like songs that you have listened since you were a child and songs that are a hit nowadays. Start listening to music at anytime: when you wake up, when you get dressed, when you eat, when you work, when you work out, when you take a shower, while having sex, before sleeping and you will be surrounded by POSITIVE ENERGY throughout the day.
  8. Get over an ex. Oh yes, it is time you let old things behind and start dating again and maybe you will find your soulmate.
  9. Change your look. Changes come first with your appearance and you can start by getting a new haircut or dying your hair. If you are satisfied with your appearance, you can change the way you dress. Maybe you should get over all the black outfits you have and start wearing more and more colors.
  10. Spend less time on social media. The more we use social media, the more we loose contact with the real world and the more we loose contact with friends and family. So, it is time you start managing the time you spend on social media and pay more attention to things that really matter like:
  • Learn more about movies, music and art
  • Get a funny hobby
  • Go to new places each time you go out
  • Pay more attention to your health
  • Learn how to cook
  • Go vintage shopping
  • Learn how to apply makeup like a pro

Most importantly LOVE MORE


Written by: Enxhi Tufina



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