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My Skincare Routine


Taking care of the skin is like a full-time job. It requires 100 % dedication and using the right products.

Having sensitive skin has made me more careful about the products I use and I am now sharing my skincare routine – morning and evening.


My routine starts with The Gentle Cleanser from Obagi and continues with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Balancing Toner, which calms my face after I have applied products containing AHA and BHA acids in the evening.

Obagi Gentle Cleanser


Dr. Barbara Sturm Balancing Toner

I continue with The Herb and Mineral Moisture Spray from DMK, which prepares my skin to better absorb the products I will be using and it also nourishes it.

Herb and Mineral Moisture Spray by DMK

For a fresh look, especially if I am attending an important event, I use Eye & Lip Contour Mask from Dermastir on the eye area. I leave it on for several minutes, while I am eating breakfast or doing something else. After that I use Dermastir Twister Refill Eye & Lip Contour which serves as a moisturizer for the eye area. My face expression stays in place and it prevents the creation of wrinkles.

Dermastir Eye and Lips Mask


Dermastir Twister Eye and Lip Contour

When it comes to Vitamin C, I always use it in the morning. Currently I am using C15 Super Booster from Paula’s Choice. Since I am not that strict with the products I use, sometimes I also use Solar Damage from DMK that serves as a Hyaluronic Acid and protects my skin from the dark spots.

Paula’s Choice C15 Booster


DMK Solar Damage


My morning routine always ends with applying the SPF. When I want something simple, I use The Day Cream SPF 30+ from Dermastir, which is tinted. Thus, I don’t need heavy makeup. Other times, when I want my skin to shine, I use Sun Drops from Dr. Barbara Sturm, which gives the ideal glow.

Dermastir Day Cream SPF 30


Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50


The first process is removing my makeup with Bioderma Micellar Water Makeup Remover, followed by the cleanser, Obagi Gentle Cleanser or Deep Pore Pure from DMK, since I like to alternate them both. In the evening I also use the Herb & Mineral Spray from DMK, followed by Paula’s Choice 2%BHA Liquid Exfoliant, which keeps acnes away.

Bioderma Micellar Water Makeup Remover


Deep Pore Pure from DMK


Paula’s Choice 2%BHA Liquid Exfoliant

I continue with Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Eye Cream, then with Beta Gel Hydrating Serum from DMK and Acu Cream from DMK. Both of them are crucial for the skin, as they help against premature aging, creation of dark spots, rosacea and acne. They normalize the skin by making it look less oily, controlling skin’s PH and making it healthier.

Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Eye Cream

DMK Beta Gel Hydrating Serum


Acu Cream from DMK

In the end I use Herb & Mineral Spray from DMK once more.

Since I am a heavy sleeper, I always end up waking up with wrinkles on the bust area and that is why I also take care of that part, whether it is an oil or a certain product. Currently I am using Tensolift Neck Serum from Natura Bisse, which is perfect for the neck and bust area.

Tensolift Neck Serum from Natura Bisse


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