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My Secret of Having Healthy Hair


I have always paid good attention to taking care of my body, face and hair. In many of my previous posts I have written about the products I use to keep my face and body healthy and nourished. I have barely written about the hair products I use, thus I finally decided to share my secrets to a good healthy looking hair.

After taking a shower I apply Lotion P50 Capillaire from Biologique Recherche which is perfect for purifying the scalp and gives life to my hair.

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For the shampoo and mask I have been relying on Kérastase for quite some time now and I am so satisfied with the results after shampooing and applying the hair mask. My hair is so smooth and nourished.

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During autumn and spring season I use Keratine Forte Serum from Biocyte Cosmetic, to help my hair grow healthy and it also prevents hair loss. I use it for 2-3 months and it is the ideal product to use after the age of 20.


For the split ends I use Kérastase Elixir Ultime which has the function of hair oil and prevents hair from being damaged due to continuous use of the flat iron or the hair dryer.

You may find the product at Nobis Beauty


During summer I like to use Moroccanoil Treatment. I always have this product with me even when I am on holidays, because I like the shiny effect it gives to my hair.



If I have an important event to attend and I want my hair to have a maximum volume I use Volume Enhancing Foam from Revitalash Cosmetics and it totally gives the volumizing effect that I need.

You may find the product at @Faceologytirana


Before showering, twice a week I tend to use the Oil Combination Hair Treatment from ADA Herbs, which helps regenerate my hair. I leave the oil 30 minutes to one hour on my hair, because I want them to fully absorb the oil combination.

You may find the product at  ADA HERBS


Besides the treatment I give to my hair from the outside, twice a year I use the Dietary supplement from Phyto, which helps strengthening and growing my hair. The capsules cause no harm to my organism, meaning that I do not feel any disturbance on my stomach, and I use them for a specific time of 2-3 months, mostly in autumn.

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