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First look: “Clueless”

I think the 90’s have had a big influence on me and how I look at fashion, since at the time I was a child and things would get into my mind without me even realizing. It was the movies, the fashion, the singers, the models or maybe how my mother dressed in the `90s.

This IM G.I.A outfit, along with the grunge sunglasses also from the `90s, reminds me of the “Clueless” movie.




Second look: “Matrix”

Another futuristic look, which reminds me of the “Matrix” movie due to the glasses.

An Alexandre Vauthier dress, one of my favorite brands and Ann Demeulemeester sunglasses, an Off White bag and Chiara Ferragani Collection boots.




Third look “Woman in Black”

Even though I like playing with how I look but also conveying a message, classics are still what fits me more and make me feel comfortable.

Dress: Elisabetta Franchi

Shoes: Dsquared

Bag: Saint Laurent




Fourth look: Dvf 70’s wrap

You can’t miss DVF, one of my most favorite brands in years, for its classical `70s designs, but also because I find myself in them.

I decided to add to the look by making it cool with a pair of sock boots that are so trendy right now – Vetements J


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