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My looks at Paris Fashion Week SS’18


First look: Back to the 90s

This Diane Von Furstenberg struck from the very first moment I laid eyes on it. It got me back to the 90s and I thought of saving it for a special occasion like the Fashion Week. Since it reminded me of the golden age of the `90s, I added a pair of YSL grunge sunglasses. You can find the Diane Von Fustenberg dress at Delirium Shop.


Second look: It’s all rock and extravagant

Balenciaga total look was my pick for my second day in Paris. It’s all rock and extravagant in the Femme Fatal hoodie that I adore. The famous Balenciaga boots combined to the fishnet tights remind me of my high school years, a time when I loved being dressed up like this.




Third look: My favorites outfits for the season

My third look attracted a lot of attention before Maison Valentino Fashion Show, especially from the photographers. A wonderful, elegant black trench coat dress and the fuchsia boot… it remains one of my favorites outfits for the season.


Fourth look: The punk girl style

The punk girl style again takes me back to my high school years, when I used to listen to punk music. Today, this style inspires me to recreate it, but this time giving it an elegant vibe, with the black high heel shoes. I would even suggest this outfit for different important events, adding a black leather jacket.

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