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My Hairstyles Through The Years


I have changed my hairstyle many times over the years. Even though changing might seem like a sign, a rebellion or the beginning of something new, my leaving the rebel girl look for the classic look with a vintage inspiration, was quite natural.

My natural hair is wavy, almost curly. During my teen years I kept my hair as natural as possible and those who know me since childhood always remember me like that.

During the early 2000s, straight hair was quite a hit, so for quite some time I used to keep them that way.

My hair has always been very healthy because I did not dye them. After my 22nd birthday, I occasionally used colour shampoo, or bleached the split ends. If you want to know my secret of having healthy hair, you can click here.

There are five typical hairstyles that completely define me and my personality:

  1. The classic hairstyle which has a touch of vintage. I have always loved the pinup style and I have always seen myself as part of it due to my body shape and the way I do my makeup and keep my hair.


  1. Natural wavy hair, which have always presented a sense of class and elegance.


  1. Straight hair which represent my rebel side, especially when I dress like a total rock star with leather jacket and tight pants.



  1. I have always considered braids to be quite romantic, with a Bohemian vibe, which suits me.

  1. Big curls, which are part of a woman with class. From time to time, I like to experiment a little bit with my hair, and occasionally I opt for big curls, because I also find myself in that look.



My other choices of hairstyle over the years include bangs, crazy updo, 70s disco style, rebellious braids matched with accessories, many hair accessories, etc.



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