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My Favorite Beauty Looks of 2017


Dark hair and a red lipstick is my typical look, but sometimes I like to skip that traditional look that defines me and opt for something more and more natural, or I can totally transform myself and go for something quite rebellious. 2017 has been an amazing year and I had to take part in many events, which required a huge commitment not only for the outfit, but beauty played an important part as well. The way I choose my makeup or hairstyle, always depends on my mood, or what I am wearing. There are times where I can be totally romantic and I enjoy a simple makeup where lips are in the center of attention and my choice is always a burgundy or red shade. Other times, I want to show off my eyes and pay less attention to the lips, so a nude lipstick or a light brown shade is always a good choice.

There are days where my romantic mood disappears and I feel quite rebellious. So, big curly hair is always the right choice and a dark shade of lipstick does the trick. So, scroll down and take a look at my favorite beauty looks of 2017

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