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Hello everybody!
Since many of you have been asking questions about my make-up, I decided to share with you some secrets of my make-up , face and hair products, in the “Beauty Tips” file. Today, I have chosen to share my make-up during a normal day, a light but at the same time a fresh make-up. This is what I like most in workdays and during my days off. The basics for this make-up are my favorite Mac Soar lip liner and Mac Brave AC4 lipstick; I consider them basic for this kind of make-up because I always start my eye make-up thinking of Mac Soar lip liner and Mac Brave AC4 lipstick on my lips. I use Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua spf 15 foundation because it is so light and shiny. Then I add a little bit of Mac powder Select Sheer NC 30. If you choose a certain lip color, let’s say pink, it would be wise to choose the same powder color, so again go for pink. I prefer to use Estee Lauder powder make-up. For the eyes I just use a white base from Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch EyeShadow, in order to add light to the eyes, under the eyebrows and then I give a light brown shadow in the corner of the eye, before applying the eye liner. My line is thin, for a light make-up and I use Shocking eye liner from Yves Saint Laurent and the same mascara from YSL. I just adore them! I think they are the best compared to what I have used so far. My Benefit make-up, as you can see in my pics is also good because it helps for the eyebrows which after working with my Brow Seal gel from Make Up Forever; I fill the irregular parts exactly with the brown shadow of Benefit. My secret is that I always keep the miracle corrector “La Mer” with me and I apply it below the eyes every time I feel tired, but it is also part of usual make-up after applying eye color and before putting on the mascara in order to remove any fallen makeup. I recommend it strongly because I consider it a must! To refresh my makeup after a while I add some “Hydra Beauty Essence Mist” from Chanel which I later wipe slightly with a neat napkin.

Photography Geljant Kaleci
Ambienti : Rogner Hotel

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