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My Daily Wellness Routine


Taking care of my body and health is very important for me, and thus being so, I dedicate a lot of time to my well-being. There are times when I do not have enough time to work out, but in these cases, I make sure that I have eaten the right food during the day and that I have taken the right vitamins, whenever I feel it necessary.

A crucial moment during the day it is breakfast. I do not go anywhere if I haven’t eaten anything and my typical choice is Nutiva Organic Raw Shelled Hempseed.

The list is quite long when mentioning the benefits of Hemp seeds, but what is more important is, that Hemp seeds have the power to give you lots of energies throughout the day. Hemp is considered as one of the most nutritious plants, so whenever I take the Organic Raw Shelled Hempseed, I am always full of energies. I like to mix it with 0% fat yogurt, one banana and in the end I add some blueberries or strawberries, depending on the taste.

During the day, I also like to consume my favorite supplements from Bodyism, which help me achieve my goal, that of having a healthy lifestyle.

I use Beauty Food, a skin and hair supplement, which helps in getting my nails stronger and my hair healthier than ever. Thanks to its ingredients, the supplement is also very important if you want a youthful skin, because it helps you fight ageing and it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Besides the Beauty Food, my other favorite supplement is Protein Excellence that contains proteins and amino acids. I always take the Protein Excellence after I have ended my workout session, because it helps me achieve my body shape goals, as it helps the body to create lean muscles.

I prepare both supplements by mixing them with 0% fat yogurt, one banana, some strawberries or blueberries and a few almonds. In the end I like to add on top of it some chia seeds and maca.


Because of the pandemic I started drinking ginger curcuma lemon shots to boost the immune system and fight a common cold and other viruses.

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