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My birthday evening details


It’s time to share some more details of my 26th birthday. I still can’t believe it’s a year since I last wrote a birthday post , but times flies and that’s why we must live each moment at its best!

This birthday wasn’t an anniversary so I decided to organize a small dinner with my closest friends and relatives. I just wanted to be with those who are most dear to me and spent a nice, quiet evening with them and it was a great idea because they made me spend an unforgettable evening through their jokes, interesting conversations and many, many warm hugs. Whenever I am with them I realize how fortunate I am and also that the unconditional love we give and take is what gives meaning to life.

Each and every detail of the dinner table was taken great care from the famous team: “Class” by Alketa Vejsiu. I was so surprised when I saw that the table was arranged so beautifully, full of flowers and class and everything was arranged according to my taste and style, especially the menu with a lip stamp on it.

All the surprises were simply wonderful, but what impressed me most were the dedications of my fiancée and my best friend. They filled my heart with the warmest dedications ever. It feels like words are never enough when it comes to express how lucky one can feel and this is my case now , but one thing is for sure: when your heart is filled with pure love, there is no room for anything else!

For my birthday dinner I went for a lace dress, because I wanted to feel comfortable and classy at the same time. This Haute Hippe dress fits my idea of a special look for a special day .


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