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My Bangs Style Inspiration During Winter


Every year during this season, I like using my bangs as a way of doing something different. The decision for having bangs has got to be my admiration for the French culture and you have to admit that bangs are so French.

I believe that Autumn and Winter are perfect for having bangs, as it is easier to keep them, and I have the chance to play more with my style. Given that during this time I have an obsession with trench coats, they look perfect when matching with my new hairstyle. You can read a post about my obsession with trench coats here.

Jane Birkin is my inspiration when it comes to deciding the shape of bangs I want to have. I admire her unique style and personality. Other famous personalities that inspire me for embracing this hairstyle are the beautiful Brigitte Bardot, Jean Shrimpton, Carla Bruni, Kate Moss, etc.

Jane Birkin


Jean Shrimpton


Brigitte Bardot


Carla Bruni


Kate Moss


This year, Bettie Page, became my source of inspiration. Her signature hairstyle has been a favorite of mine for many years now, and finally I decided to have “Rockabilly Bangs”, or the Bettie bangs as it is sometimes called.


Scroll down to see some of my looks over the years.


Photo by Arbnor Allaraj


Photo by Arbnor Allaraj



Photo by Artemis Hajdini


Photo by Arbnor Allaraj


Photo by Arbnor Allaraj


Photo by Nicolas Gerardin


Photo by Arbnor Allaraj


Photo by Eugenio Qose

Photo by Eugenio Qose

Photo by Endrit Mertiri


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