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Even though we’re in May, going to the beach is normal. It is officially time to start looking for the most beautiful swimming suits for this season. In an earlier post, we gave you some suggestions depending on body shape or the latest trends.

The latest trends on swimming suits speak of a big influence from the 90s. Every year, most fashion brands present us with their swimming suit collections but this year the influence of the 90s stood out in all catwalks. Vintage or retro can also be found in swimming suits. Just think of Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly. Definitely the most iconic style!

If you are looking for your perfect swimming suits for this year, we would like to present you with the most beautiful designs of the `90s. The `90 are absolutely the most inspiring decade of the modern days fashion and we miss those years!

Ahh, the ’90s!



Marilyn Monroe



Grace Kelly



Audrey Hepburn



Princess Diana



Kate Moss



Angelina Jolie



Paris Hilton



Pamela Anderson



Britney Spears



Brigitte Bardot



Jennifer Aniston









Cindy Crawford



Linda Evangelista



Carla Bruni



Claudia Schiffer

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