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We already talked about the importance of creating a healthy morning routine. Next up on our list are detoxifying morning hacks that can help start your day with clarity for your mind and body. By incorporating these self-care practices into your everyday routine, you will begin your day feeling productive, positive, and powerful. Not to mention you’re doing your body a favor by carving out time to detox and reset for the day ahead. Read on to learn our morning wellness hacks below.


For a Boost in Mental Focus and Energy

As humans, we tend to forget that every day we should be grateful. Remind yourself of what gratefulness means by journaling in one of our favorite journals: the Abundance Journal. Along with listing what you’re grateful for, write out “I am” affirmations. We are strong advocates for putting our thoughts into existence by either physically writing them down or verbally saying them out loud. Note: by writing a thought down instead of just saying it out loud, you are allowing your mind to visualize what you want. With that said, visualizing what you write down can easily lead to brainstorming and sparking ideas that will allow you to achieve that particular goal that you have.


For an Oral Cleanse

We tend to overlook or forget about the importance of oral care. It’s more than brushing your teeth and using mouth wash. You have time to floss, so do it next time you brush. We love oil pulling as well. Read about its benefits here. We also sell Terra & Co Brilliant Black Oil Pulling in our shop.


For a Liver and Gut Cleanse

A shockingly large amount (around 95%) of serotonin, a hormone that directly affects our mood, is produced in our gut. It’s vital that you undergo a detox every now and then to keep happiness levels afloat. Some of our favorite gut and liver detoxes include drinking warm lemon or lime water when you wake up. There are many health benefits to drinking this concoction first thing in the a.m.: it energizes the body, promotes healthy digestion, and fuels your body with potassium. You already know we’re huge fans of our wellness shots. Try making one a day for a week! No regrets. Or you can buy the below daily supplement to help with bloating and gut issues.


For a Boost in Lymphatic Flow and Circulation

Allowing for lymphatic flow and circulation through doing activities like a quick morning stretch, yoga, or Pilates will take your day to the next level. The three functions of lymphatic flow are: it protects your body from illnesses (keeps the invaders away), maintains body fluid levels, and allows for the absorption of digestive tract fats while also removing cellular waste. You can also use at-home tools like the below to drain toxins from your body.


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