Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Wedding Portraits Had a Secret Nod to Princess Diana


Between the empty chair during the wedding ceremony and Meghan Markle’s bouquet, Princess Diana’s memory was certainly honored at the royal wedding. And the nods to Prince Harry’s late mother didn’t stop there.

Harry and Meghan made sure to subtly honor Diana in their official portraits, and yes, it’ll probably make you cry, so might as well put away your eye makeup because WHAT IS THE POINT.

You’ll notice that in the official photo of Meghan, Harry, and their bridal party, Harry is sitting on a green sofa in the aptly named Green Drawing Room of Windsor Castle.


The sofa holds special significance: It’s the same couch Diana sat on while holding a baby Harry during his christening in 1984.


This seems pretty intentional and more than a little touching, so cool, excuse me while I call in sick due to “emotions.”



From: Cosmopolitan

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