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Masculine silhouettes with feminine details at Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2019


Zadig & Voltaire returns to Paris for Spring 2019 show after showing in New York for the last few seasons. Zadig & Voltaire presented an energetic collection with very confident and brave women. Cecilia Bönström balanced masculine silhouettes with feminine details. A touch of sensuality is also present in the collection with slip dresses.

The collection was all about patchwork jeans, leather jacket, liquid gold pants, slip dress, ultra-short shorts, logo athletic socks, cowboy bootsetc. Pantsuits were styled open over lingerie and we need to say that Zadig & Voltaire put together a collection of outfits that mix masculine and feminine style. “I want to be feminine and show my determination, and the masculine pieces give that strength,” said artistic director Cecilia Bönström for ‘Vogue’.

For Spring 2019 Zadig motto is that girls can do anything. We have rounded up for you our favorite looks from the Spring 2019 collection.

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