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All the Girls Prince Harry Has Dated


Prince Harry has finally found his dream girl, american actress Meghan Markle. They are now husband and wife, but let’s take a look back at some of the girls Harry has dated. He has dated a series of beautiful women. There are models, dancers, actresses.

Natalie Pinkham

Natalie Pinkham was linked to Prince Harry circa 2003. They reportedly remained friends after things cooled off, and in 2012, she married Owain Walbyoff.



Chelsy Davy

Chelsy was Harry’s first love, or at least the first woman he was seriously spotted with. Harry first met Chelsy in 2004 through mutual friends. They dated on and off seriously for 6 years.



Camilla Romestrand

Harry dated the Eddie the Gun lead singer at the end of 2010 before getting back together with Chelsy.



Florence Brudenell-Bruce

After Harry ended his romance with Chelsy, he had a summer fling with the model!



Astrid Harbord

While Prince Harry was again separated from Chelsy in 2009, he was briefly linked to Kate Middleton’s friend Astrid Harbord.



Caroline Flack

X Factor host Caroline Flack reportedly hooked up with Harry in 2009 after meeting through mutual friends. In her book Storm in a C Cup, she wrote that they had to stop seeing one another after the story got out.



Mollie King

Mollie King bagged herself a few dates with Harry in 2012. The singer, who is a member of glamorous girl band The Saturdays, confessed to enjoying a cosy night out with the prince saying, “Yes, I have met Harry, and we did go out for a drink.”



Ellie Goulding

Harry is believed to have romanced pop star Ellie Goulding. They were reportedly spotted kissing under a blanket at the Audi Polo Challenge in June 2016. Reports then came out that she was pregnant with his baby.




Cressida Bonas

Prince Harry’s most serious relationship before Meghan was with English actress and model Cressida Bonas. Cressida met Harry through the prince’s cousin, Princess Beatrice. The two dated seriously for two years, from 2012 to 2014. The BBC reported that the couple split amicably a few months ahead of Prince Harry’s 30th birthday.

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