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LA woman in the afternoon


The LA look has been one of my earliest inspirations, since when I used to listen to “The Doors” music. Whenever I listened to their songs, I imagined I was wearing and old T-shirt, I was on a trip and I had just stopped by a gas station in the middle of nowhere, just like we have seen on many movies or magazine and TV adverts. Well, that’s just in my imagination… but I don’t know why, I have always thought I belonged to that Rock look, it has been my style since my teenage years and everybody who knows me is aware of the fact.

Given that this is a photo shoot, my look comes somewhat exaggerated because instead of the jeans I have decided to wear a Zara short skirt with the T-shirt and my favorite Dsquared2 leather jacket and also a pair of Diane Von Furstenberg leather boots which make for a more extravagant look. The two rings that I rarely take off are from two different brands, even though they look similar; the one with the eye is from Delfina Delettrez and the one with the lips and the earrings were especially designed for me by “Pirro Argjendari” the most prestigious jewelry in my city.


Photography: Geljant Kaleci

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