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Kylie Jenner’s Face Scrub Can Destroy Your Face


Kylie Jenner has taken her billion dollars and is making moves to become even more rich. The mogul’s latest business venture is a new skincare line called Kylie Skin, and it’s the stuff of millennial pink dreams. It’s also the stuff of Twitter’s worst nightmares, because people are dragging it so hard, you won’t even be able to recover once you see what they’re saying.

Kylie’s new line launches on May 22 and includes products like a face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, and an eye cream. There’s also a face scrub, which is why we’re gathered here today. One of the main ingredients in the face scrub is walnuts—specifically, according to a Kylie tweet, “fine walnut powder”—and Twitter absolutely roasting it like a chestnut on an open fire. (Sorry, Tuesday is hitting me hard.)

Kylie says her scrub is “gentle yet very effective” and that it “buffs away your dead skin cells,” and that she uses it, like, three times a week. But Twitter is recommending that you use it, like, never.

Why all the hate? Because realistically, walnut shells and your face are a big no-no—even crushed or powdered walnuts can cause little micro-tears on the surface of your skin and mess with your skin barrier, especially if your face is sensitive or inflamed with acne.

When Twitter put two and two together, several users came out with tweets like, “Kylie Jenner has access to the best dermatologists and esthetician’s in the world yet she releases a…walnut…face….scrub…. yikes” and “Well this is horrifying. A foaming face wash and a walnut scrub?! Tragic to think that millions of girls will buy this trash and destroy their skin barriers.” (See? The fear is real.)

Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and what works for you (ahem, Kylie) may be the absolute worst thing for someone else, so it’s best to listen to your skin, talk to your derm, and do as much research as possible before incorporating new products into your routine.


From Cosmopolitan US

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