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Kylie Jenner Is Launching a New Lipstick and It Comes in 20 Awesome Shades


Kylie Jenner is adding a new product to her ever-growing Kylie Cosmetics inventory: lipsticks. After building her beauty empire on hard-to-get lip kits and glosses, she’s expanding to hard, tubed lipsticks that are “highly pigmented and hydrating with a creamy satin finish,” she teased on Instagram.

They come in 20 different shades, ranging from the softest nudes to bright red. (There’s even a fun purple hue in the mix.) The products will become available on December 13.

The young beauty mogul made the announcement this evening on social media. “I have a lot more surprises for you guys!” the 20-year-old captioned a video post of the new items.

In addition to the lipsticks, Jenner promises two more new products for her brand, which will also be available on December 13.

Check out all 20 shades of her lipstick, which she dubbed the Silver Series, below.





From: Harper’s Bazaar

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