Kris Jenner Explained How Much Her Family Charges for Sponsored Posts


While you and I might make money by doing things like, I don’t know, a job or selling old clothing to a consignment store, celebs can make money by literally just posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter. And of course, the Kardashian/Jenners are queens of Instagram #SponCon, and they can charge a ton for a single post.

But how much, exactly, can Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie ask to get paid per post? Well, while we still don’t know the actual numbers, Kris Jenner just shared some details about how they work out how much they charge, and said that a post is “definitely six figures.” (As a reminder, Kendall Jenner was reportedly paid $250,000 for her now-infamous Fyre Festival promotion post). And don’t worry about me after hearing this news, I’m not jealous about it at all!!!

For an upcoming CBS Sunday Morning specialKris got into the specifics of the family business. She shared, “My daughters are constantly getting offers to post something for a company, or a brand, on social media. They have a fee for a post, or a fee for a story, a fee for Facebook…they have a fee schedule.”

Kris also specified that the price of the posts depends on who is doing the posting and what product they’re posting about, plus the cost of the #ad will go up if it’s “a pharmaceutical product, if it’s something that you’re going to drink, or ingest, or put on your body.” In other words, all of those awful meal replacement shake posts that Kim and Khloé have done def cost Flat Tummy Co some serious ca$h.

So basically, all of the Kardashian/Jenners are making more for a single Instagram/Facebook/Twitter post than many people do in an entire work year. And while that’s not particularly surprising, it’s still making me rethink some of my life choices…


From Cosmopolitan US

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