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Kourt’s Tips for MUSCLE RECOVERY

Whether it’s a calf cramp from a powerful jump rope routine or a minor injury from a new fitness hobby (in Kourt’s case, surfing, which she recently recovered from), sometimes the next-day soreness hits harder than others. You know the feeling: you wake up, and the first step you take, BOOM, there it is—tightness all over.

To help your body heal from aches and stiffness caused by intense physical activity, we’re sharing at-home remedies and ways Kourt speeds up the recovery process.


Increase magnesium intake.

“I add magnesium in trace minerals to my water each day, which is important because most people are magnesium deficient. It helps calm anxiety, and it’s especially important if I’ve had an extra-hard workout to replenish minerals lost. It’s great in the evenings to relax my mind and soothe muscle cramps, too.”

You can also add this topical magnesium oil to your body care routine, which can help your body retain the mineral. Apply the concentrated oil topically using one to three pumps of the oil and rub thoroughly into clean skin. Repeat to cover the entire body.


Epsom salt soak.

Try Poosh’s Winter Coconut Oil Bath Soak, which features the healing combo of Epsom salt, coconut oil, and lavender drops to help balance pH levels, remove toxins from your body, and alleviate soreness.


Use all-natural healing balms.

Ease the tension with this fast-acting all-natural balm made with certified organic ginger, clove, and calendula.


Relax with CBD bath bombs.

Kourt doesn’t use CBD bath bombs on the regular—she saves the soothing product for when she’s recovering from intense soreness or a minor injury.


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