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KOURT’S STYLIST Shares her Fall Style Staples

Now that we’ve got our fall skincare routine covered, it’s time for a seasonal sartorial switch. So we tapped Kourt’s stylist Dani Michelle to share her style staples for fall. Read on to see the items she has on heavy rotation this autumn, plus shop our picks inspired by her advice.


“I can’t wait to get into my leggings again! The Commando Control Top Legging is my favorite, most seamless stay-fit style for years now,” Dani tells us.

Closed-toe boots

“Once the weather gets cold, we really need great closed-toe booties—whether it’s ankle or knee. I love a really sharp point like Balenciaga, or something square and strong like Margiela, By Far, or Manu Atelier.”

A long jacket

“Long jackets may feel dressy, but they are such a boss move. When it starts to get cold, get ready to wear all your long jackets. You can style them over dresses, jeans and a top, or even sweats, and it immediately elevates the look.”

A turtleneck

A turtleneck may take you back to your younger years, but there’s something so chic about the look—from Princess Diana to Steve Jobs, it’s a classic.

A huge scarf

A big scarf can play into your warmth in fall, but sometimes it’s just about an extra accessory.  Whether it’s a great color, pattern, or solid, it’s such a cozy addition to your look and comfort.


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