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Kim Kardashian Just Dropped Glittery KKW Beauty Lip Kits


Just days after a massively successful launch of three new fragrances, Kim Kardashian is back with a “glitzy” KKW Beauty holiday collection that is like nothing we expected.

While she did allude to lipsticks and lip liners in her brand’s future, we assumed it would be of the matte nude variety. But leave it to Kim K.W. to keep you guessing because she just dropped a series of metallic lip glosses with corresponding shimmer powders. We give you, Ultralight Beams Glosses and Highlighters.

The Ultralight Beam Glosses are five different metallic glosses in versions of iridescent neutrals like rose gold, silver, and bronze, along with matching powder highlighters of the very same hues. Each is packaged in KKW Beauty’s signature millennial pink packaging with sleek lines and the brand name embossed on the side.


They’ll officially make their website debut on December 1st, but no news yet on how much each will cost. Keep your eyes on the KKW Beauty Instagram for more info.


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