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What to do in Mexico


I was just back from a wonderful vacation in Mexico and if you ever decide to visit Mexico and its marvelous beaches, I would like to offer some useful suggestions regarding places to go and haciendas to visit. I have always been fond of Mexico. Maybe because of their soap operas we watched for a long time, maybe because I love dances like Salsa or bachata, but also because I am a huge fan of Latin and especially Mexican music.…

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Istanbul trip


As I have mentioned before in my social media, Turkey, or better to say, Instanbul, will be my second home due to my projects there. I was deeply touched by the latest turmoil in Istanbul and that’s why I waited up to now to post this article. Thank God, the situation there is back to normal and I think everything will be ok from now on. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been and it…

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