Justin Bieber Is Launching a Natural Deodorant


Justin Bieber is making a new foray into the beauty industry, announcing on Instagram today that he is launching a natural deodorant called Here + Now, a product in conjunction with the vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand Schmidt’s.

“New collab coming this Fall,” the singer wrote alongside his post—which pictures a blissful Bieber, eyes closed, with arms (and armpits) exposed to the wind.

While it’s not his first move into beauty—as a tween pop star he did, of course, lend his name to a set of fragrances—this collaboration is uniquely of the moment, considering that natural beauty, and natural deodorant in particular, is on the rise. As some scientists have suggested a potential link between aluminum-based antiperspirants and breast cancer, the search for a perfect, chemical-free underarm solution has felt fervent lately. While it’s not yet announced what scent or vibe Bieber will go for, the end result will certainly be all-natural: Schmidt’s current offerings use a range of minerals and plant ingredients to neutralize odor.

The renewed interest in beauty products seems to be running in the family: Bieber’s news arrives about a month after his wife, Hailey, reportedly filed for the trademark “Bieber Beauty,” with the intent to launch a cosmetics line.



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