Justin Bieber Caused Trademark Drama for Hailey Baldwin and Her Beauty Line


Hailey Baldwin’s dreams of starting her own Bieber Beauty line have been dashed…all because of her very own husband Justin Bieber causing a little trademark drama. The Blast reports that Baldwin’s application to register Bieber Beauty as a trademark in her name was rejected by U.S. Patent & Trademark officials because of “likelihood of confusion” and “similarity of marks” with trademarks Bieber already filed in 2003. Bieber was just nine years old when he registered them. Sorry, Hails.

Back then, the young Biebs registered his name for products like “cosmetics, fragrances, soaps, shampoos and lotions,” The Blast wrote.

Baldwin initially filed for her Bieber Beauty trademark in April this year, according to TMZ. She registered her married name, Hailey Bieber, as a trademark back in October last year.

Baldwin and Bieber have been relatively low-key lately. Us Weekly reported earlier this month that Baldwin has really been a source of strength for Bieber as he continues to work on his mental health. The two are reportedly considering having their second wedding—and only ceremony for family and friends—in September, close to the one-year anniversary of their courthouse marriage.

Baldwin never wavered in her commitment to the Biebs, a source said. “There is no way a slight mental breakdown or a bout of depression would ever dissuade her. She is in it for the long haul and is completely obsessed and in love with him.”

A separate source said that Baldwin herself is doing well. “She’s not dealing with her own issues, so she can give so much to Justin and be there for him,” that source said. “He feels very safe with her. They love working out together and being able to focus on health.”



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