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Juices and Tea I Am Drinking This Period to Fight the Flu Symptoms.


During this period, I’m trying to consume as much juices and tea as I can, so that my body gets all the vitamins it needs to fight the flu symptoms.

I make sure to drink 4-5 glasses of orange juice and different types of tea every day. The morning starts with me drinking a glass of celery juice.

After breakfast I prefer to have some lemon juice that comes in the form of a tea if you add some chestnut honey and some mint leaves.

After lunch or in the afternoon I like to prepare my favorite kind of tea: I add some ginger juice, lemon juice and turmeric into a mug of warm water and these ingredients make for a wonderful tea.

Another helpful recipe for those who are having cough and sore throat is the nutshell bay leaf tea.

For this recipe we need bay leafs, thyme, lemon skin, rosemary and nutshells.

While mixing all the ingredients in boiling water, you can take the chance to inhale its steam which helps people with clogged noses.

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