Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey teased a Wedding Planner sequel


Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey have rekindled their Wedding Planner chemistry on Twitter and teased a possible onscreen reunion.

The Hollywood stars played Mary and Steve who fell desperately in love in the romantic comedy, and in a new Twitter exchange, McConaughey and Lopez hinted that they loved making the movie so much, there’s most definitely hope of a sequel.

During the weekly series, McConaughey Takes, the Oscar winner revealed how he got involved in the movie. “Jennifer was already cast, they were looking for the male lead. I think we were coming up against a writers strike,” he explained.

“So, what that means is the issue was trying to get as many movies made as quickly as possible… the industry needed content.”


As a result, the actor was able to negotiate a great deal to play the part of Dr. Steve Edison in The Wedding Planner.

As for working with Hustlers icon J.Lo, McConaughey said, “I’ve always called her a quad threat. What does she not do? That girl works her backside off on everything. She does not just show up and wing it at all. She’s like clockwork. Just hammers it and knocks it out.”

Lopez was clearly thrilled by McConaughey’s endorsement, as she retweeted his video, and wrote, “@McConaughey let’s do it again soon!” She ended her tweet with a winking emoji and sparkles.


From Harper’s Bazaar UK

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