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Israel Is the Perfect Escape For Travel Lovers!


PIf you are looking for a warm and friendly destination, Israel is the perfect place to go. There are so many things and so many places to visit. Besides the wonderful attractions Israel provides a lot of fun: you can make new friends, experience different cultures and learn about its heritage. It has also got many undiscovered beaches. Israel can boast around 300 days of sunshine a year. Rays are so reliable that the country has been a pioneer of solar energy. There’s lots of beautiful architecture to admire on a gentle stroll around the city.

It is a trip of a lifetime!

Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps

Tel Aviv is the obvious starting point of a trip to Israel. It’s a youthful, lively and relaxing place with a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is famous for its night life, great beaches, incredible restaurants and more.



Sea of Galilee

Just being at the Sea of Galilee, with its historic and religious meaning, is amazing. Take a boat (in our case a Sea of Galilee Worship Boat), experience the quiet world of 2000 years ago, and feel the presence of Jesus and his “fishers of men”. This is a never to be forgotten opportunity, be sure to seize it.




A trip to Israel is not complete without visiting the Masada. It’s a truly breathtaking visit. The view is phenomenal and you must explore the archaeological site to get a sense of the history and the sheer genius of the builders. The fantastic fortress lets you connect with the very history of Israel, breathtaking views and amazing atmosphere.



Dead Sea

Definitely a must-go/must-try once in a life time experience in Isreal. Absolutely worth to feel one floating in the salt water, relax on the beach, climb the mountainside and look for nice salt crystals. This is the place where you can rest and feel the spiritual connection.



Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem is definitely one of the greatest sites in Israel; amazingly intense, hugely religious, and with history pouring out of every corner… a must-see in Israel if ever there was one! A lot of attraction you can see inside. This is a really interesting way to spend a day getting lost in tunnels and wandering through ancient markets.

The church of the Holy Sepulchre




A beautiful place where you can explore the Roman ruins and see great views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is beautifully located on the water and has both a theatre and a hippodrome.



The food in Israel is reason enough to visit the country. People tend to fall in love with the Israeli cuisine, as it is quite tasty and delicious. Wherever you go in the country, restaurants and cafes, food stands, supermarkets, and of course in real Israeli homes, you will find a Middle-Eastern style of scrumptious things to eat. Falafel remains a favorite fast-food in Israel, and hummus (hoo-moos; a chickpea paste) is a staple in almost every Israeli home.


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