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Inspiring Quotes About Women


Women’s day should be all day, not just March 8th. Nowadays, us, women, should be thankful for what we have so far and what we are achieving. There are still many boundaries for us, but we know that with courage and determination, one day, our voices will be above all and we will not be afraid anymore to stand up.

As a celebration to March 8th, The Rebel Heart, has selected some amazing quotes said by women who have inspired us and are still inspiring us. These quotes should be always remembered, and even if you are filling bad, just remember, there are other women out there who are still struggling to fit in the society and remember that if you believe in yourself, you will go through any obstacle in life and you will achieve all of your dreams and desires. So, scroll down and be inspired just as we did.

 Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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