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Inspiration from Milan Fashion Week Street Style


Give it up for Milan Fashion Week for bringing us some outstanding looks from the what-so-called the second runway. We are talking about street style, which we really missed during New York and London Fashion Week. Though we had the possibility to have a glimpse at some of the street style looks worn by models and influencers outside the venues of New York and London, it still wasn’t that traditional street style thing.

When Milan Fashion Week began, we already got the message that it wouldn’t be only virtual, but physical shows would take place with a selected audience as it did at Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Etro and Max Mara fashion shows.

So, basically, these physical shows helped us look at what influencers, celebrities, models and bloggers decided to wear this fashion week and how they embraced some of the most famous fall trends.

One of the trends that stood out the most was the suit. We saw many women wearing the most beautiful suits which are perfect for a workwear and a night out.

The presence of leather outfits was also quite visible on the streets of the Italian fashion capital where you could see women wearing leather trench coats, leather pants or leather skirts from black to bold colours.

Bags were an important fashion choice during these days as you could see some of the most amazing bags in different shapes and different colours (colour pop was the main choice). If you are wearing dark or neutral colours this fall/winter season, you should opt for a bag in a bright colour which somehow has the power to boost your mood.

Have a look below and get inspiration for your fall/winter wardrobe.


Photos are courtesy of  Thomas Razzano

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