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HYDRATING HACKS Everyone Should Know

Drink ya water, all day, every day. You already know that. But take it to the next level and stay hydrated while fueling your body with added benefits. By sprucing up your water in the simplest of ways, you can create remedies for various parts of your body, mind, and appearance. Too vague? Don’t worry, all the details on the H2O connections and what they can do for your overall wellness are below. Keep reading for six ways to boost your daily hydration.


For better memory, try rosemary and blueberry water.

We were fascinated when we heard that the properties in both rosemary and blueberries help memory and overall cognition. Update your morning hydration by adding some fresh blueberries and rosemary extract to your water. Make this a daily habit and you may see your memory start to improve.


To reduce redness in your skin, soothe digestion, and even enhance your mood, try rose water.

Rose water can do miracles for your skin, from reducing inflammation to evening out your skin’s texture. Add a handful of rose petals to your water and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Then strain the liquid and sip on it over ice or at room temperature. By doing so, your body is receiving antioxidants and tons of nutrients that help boost your happiness levels and improve your overall skin health. You can also use it in spray form and spritz it on your face as a setting spray after you finish your makeup.


To stay full longer, try lemon, cucumber, and chia seed water.

We love hacks that help heal the body. We briefly explained the benefits of drinking warm lemon water here. Adding ingredients to water is one of the easiest ways to consume nutrients. This simple recipe will help curb your appetite and squash the urge for unnecessary snacking throughout the day. With only three ingredients to add to your H20, you’ll stay fuller longer because of the fiber in chia seeds, plus enjoy its freshness and taste because of the added cucumber and lemon, creating your very own natural energy drink.


For healthy, stronger, and shinier hair, try rice water.

Packed with amino acids, selenium, folic acid, magnesium, and niacin, rice water helps strengthen your damaged hair (while leaving you with glowing skin as well). If you haven’t already tried this DIY we learned from Kim, run, don’t walk to your kitchen to create the hydrating hair mask.


For healthy bowel movements, try fennel water.

Fennel is used frequently in Ayurveda after meals—chewing the seeds releases the extracts and oils that soothe and abate gut function for adequate assimilation of nutrients. Extracted purely and in cahoots with other amazing tummy soothers, it helps us bring our guts quickly back to a state of equilibrium and promote healthy digestion. Add a couple of the below drops to your water after a heavy meal.


For when you’re nauseated, try ginger water.

We love ginger tea. Heat up some water and ginger, and add lemon and agave if you’d like. Voilà. Sip on the soothing spice and allow your sour stomach to pass.


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