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How To Wear White In Winter


We’ve all heard the age-old rule that says you can’t wear white in winter. But some rules are made to be broken, especially when we talk about fashion and they prevent you from wearing that fresh pair of white sneakers you bought. So many women are afraid of wearing white head-to-toe or white pants/boots. But looking at the catwalk trends for Winter 2018 designers don’t shy away from white clothing in winter. A must-have wardrobe that matches everything: the white coat and the white boots. Both are must for this winter season. White is not just for summer anymore as long as you wear white right. Think ivory cords/jeans, wool sweaters, turtlenecks and even white booties. White symbolizes purity but it is also the color of chic girls! So try wearing white as much as you can.

Scroll down to be more inspired how to wear white in winter:



Say Yes to White Jeans and Coat

White jeans are a chic base for an outfit all year-round. Pair skinny white jeans with a sweater and a cozy coat.



Also you can try wearing white coat because it’s a trend this winter season. Use a white coat as a way to tone down a more colorful look. White coat is always a chic way to do winter style.





Head-to-toe White

Head-to-toe winter white? Yes you can! This look is monochromatic it will have a sleek modern look. Don’t over think it.




White Boots

If you don’t want to dare wearing head-to-toe white, you can try wearing white boots that have captured the hearts of the fashion industry this season. A number of designers have white booties as part of their fall/winter collections. They are so stylish and vintage!



White Suit

We already know that suits are in and  basic for office look and cocktail hours. But what about white suit? Yes, yes, yes! The most common and attractive wear is the white suit.




Pair white with black

Black and white are always fashion, through endless combinations, through decades, through trends. You are always right in black & white, in any season and on any occasion. Whether you go to a fancy gala, having a fashionable lazy Sunday or going casual chic to the office. You can’t go wrong and will always look fabulously stylish in a black & white.

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