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How to Up Your Online Dating Game FOR 2021

We’re all aware that on January 1, we don’t get some magical reset. It’s a continuation of what we’ve been dealt this year, but it does come with some super fresh perspective. It’s a time to rid ourselves of what is not working, what feels stale, and what doesn’t serve us, and it inspires us to put our very best foot forward in achieving our goals and setting new intentions. For many, that means inviting love (or at least, some ass) into our lives.

If the online dating world has been feeling a bit dull, we hear ya. The pandemic has broadened online dating app users to almost overwhelming numbers, which makes the dating pool appear almost watered down. But it’s not! It’s juicier and more full of opportunity than ever before. Shamyra HowardLCSW and sexologist, shares a fresh, positive outlook on how this year has shaped online dating, and how we can up the ante on our own personal profiles for the coming year.

“Online dating looked different for many singles in 2020 due to the effects of a global pandemic. For many, the online dating experience was pleasantly surprising. Not only were people engaging in more meaningful discussions, but online daters were able to get an inside look into how their potential partners handled stress. While this was a pleasant experience for some, for others, it wasn’t so pleasant.

Prepare for Challenges

We know dating is going to be different but not necessarily difficult. Prepare to make adjustments to your expectations. The pandemic has caused people to slow down, and online daters might want to move slower than usual and focus on an emotional connection right away.

Set Boundaries

Know your goals for online dating and be ready to set boundaries with potential partners. What are your boundaries for meeting in person? Be sure your potential partner knows this.

If you plan on meeting in person, be prepared to have the COVID talk. Online daters are asking their potential partners to show proof of a negative COVID test prior to meeting and/or engaging in in-person sexual intimacy.

Prepare for different dating scenes

Lots of daters are feeling Zoomed out. Zoom fatigue and the effects of quarantine have caused people to want to be outside more; therefore, more people are engaging in hiking and other nature-themed dates

What about sex?

Sex is still a thing! It will just look different with online dating in 2021. In 2020, online daters utilized technology to help them connect sexually. That’s still a thing going into 2021. Sex toy sales have skyrocketed.

There is no doubt that dating in 2021 will be affected by the pandemic, but with a few adjustments, you can Up Your Dating Game in 2021, and find what you’re looking for and more.”


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