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How to Tone Your Body AND BURN CALORIES


Working out can be challenging during the holiday season as schedules begin to fill up through the end of the year, which can lead many to feel unmotivated. Full-body exercises can help solve this problem as they are not only a great way to get a workout in, but they are time efficient and can be done at home. Maximizing your time is one great part of full-body workouts, but another is that they are beneficial for those looking to burn more calories. These moves allow for a faster recovery and quicker results, since you are toning your whole figure. Get ready to join me in my latest at-home tutorial for Poosh below.

The Routine:
Squat Jump and Oblique Crunch
Push-up with Hip Extension and Side Crunch
Tricep Dips with Inner Thigh Isometric Lift
Side Plank Crunch Down and Glute Abduction
*4 rounds of 1 minute of each exercise with 30 seconds rest in between.

The Move: Squat Jump and Oblique Crunch
How to: This exercise will work your lower body and your core. Start standing with your hands behind your head and using your core, bring one knee up toward your outside elbow and crunch your obliques. Place this foot back on the ground and squat down. You can either jump up out of the bottom and land again in a squat, or you can take the jump out and just do a squat.

Repeat this cycle, alternating between crunching the right leg and the left leg in between squats.

The Move: Push-up with Hip Extension and Side Crunch
How to: This compound move is going to work your whole body. Start in a plank position and perform one push-up. When you return to the top of your push-up, lift one heel up by engaging your glutes and then lower your leg and bring the same leg’s knee toward your elbow for a crunch. Perform one push-up again and alternate legs for the hip extension and oblique crunch.

You can modify this movement by dropping to your knees in the push-up and then returning back to plank to perform the hip extension and oblique crunch.

The Move: Tricep Dips with Inner Thigh Isometric Lift
How to: Start in a seated position and place your hands behind your hips as you lift one leg straight out in front of you and externally rotate your toe. Bend your elbows and use your triceps to push back up to straight arms, all while maintaining a straight extended leg to activate your inner thigh.

For each one-minute round, hold each leg for 30 seconds while doing your tricep dips.

The Move: Side Plank Crunch Down and Glute Abduction
How to: Start this move in a side plank position and place your top hand behind your head. Cross your top elbow down toward the floor and engage your abs before opening back up to the side plank. When your body is straight back on your side plank, lift your top leg away from your bottom leg using your glute and keep your toe flexed toward your knee to make sure your glutes are doing the work.

To modify this movement, drop down to your knee in your side plank and keep your top leg straight as you perform the glute lift.


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