How to save money on clothes without sacrificing your style


After the frenzy of fashion month, we’re all feeling ready for a personal-style infusion. No wonder: A recent study found 79 percent of women shop because it makes them feel better. But before you get your retail therapy on, set out with a smart saving strategy.
1. Save on Staples

You’ve seen some gorgeous, original designs come down the runways. And, lo and behold, you’re going to see them again, weeks later, on the racks at fast-fashion chains! Fast fashion is tempting because, well, it’s fast, and who wants to wait? But it frankly won’t fit as well, or feel as right, as the handcrafted originals. Save chain store shopping for staples like tanks and generic tees, and splurge for the stuff that should be softer and better fitting, like pants, tailored tops, and sweaters.
2. Create a Budget

No, stop, don’t run away! This is good news. The word budget has become a dirty one, but the whole point of budgeting is to make room for the fun stuff. When you get a handle on the spending you have to do (rent, bills, feeding your retirement fund), you’re freeing up funds for the spending you want to do. Consider it a fall jumpsuit-enabler and have fun with it.
3. Hit Up Traveling Pals

So you’re coveting a Balinese sarong you saw Selena Gomez wearing on Instagram. And as you scrolled, didn’t you also see that your best friend from camp is honeymooning in Bali right now? Here’s the thing: That sarong, those painted enamel earrings from India, and espadrilles from Spain are so much cheaper in their countries of origin than they are at boutiques in the U.S. DM a friend with a request and you’ll be on-trend with money to spare.
4. Make Room in Your Closet

As in life, in fashion, it’s sometimes necessary to say goodbye to something we’ve fallen out of love with to make room for a new passion. For every piece you bring in, something old has to go. And since studies have found we only wear 20 percent of what we own, that shouldn’t be too hard. Sell on sites like Tradesy (they take a commission but pay for shipping), or have a swap with your most fashionable pals.
5. Hunt and Gather

Sample sales can be a treasure trove of style deals. But make sure you have a plan—and a thick skin. If you intend to leave with a DVF wrap so perfect you could cry, then you’re going to have to be strategic. Create a wish list in advance to remind you what (one thing, not five) you came for. Only bring cash, so you can’t spend more than you’ve budgeted. And invite a friend for moral support; someone who’ll call you out for trying on that sequined mini you don’t need and help keep you on track.


From: Vogue

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