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How To Remove Eye Makeup


Removing makeup and cleaning the face at least twice a day has become an important routine, but less importance is given to removing makeup from the eye area. Imagine someone waking up in the morning with black puffy eyes, because the mascara has fallen and the eyeshadow is spread all over the eye area. Are you sure you want to end up looking like that? If not, you can pay attention to three simple tips from the Rebel Heart and problem is solved.

Tip 1: Never use a face cleanser

Your cleanser is only for the face and the neck, so you better not want to get that soapy cleanser into your eyes. You can use a face cleanser only if it is stated in the product that it can also remove the eye makeup, otherwise you will end up irritating the eye area.


Tip 2: Use a cleansing wipe

You can remove the eye make up by using a cleansing wipe, which is specifically used to remove make up from face, eyes and lips. While doing so, you will take off most of the makeup.


Tip 3: Use an eye makeup remover

Grab a cotton pad and apply the lotion or the cream into your eyes. By using a professional eye makeup remover, you do not only remove the makeup, but you also protect your eyes as these products are made specifically for the eye area.

We also suggest you get a micellar water, because it can remove make up from face, eyes and lips and it also has the function of a tonic. In such case only one product will come in handy. After you have removed your makeup, go for an eye cream as the final touch.



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Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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