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How To Protect Your Hair in Summer


Even though we can’t wait to hit the beach and spend most days getting tanned and drinking a cocktail from a coconut, we are still faced with an important summer issue: sun, chlorine and salt water are considered as our enemies during this period, because they leave our hair a complete mess. As much as we try to wear the best bikini, or the most fascinating beachwear, our hair is ruining our glam moment. For such reason, it is very important that we take really good care of our hair, because during summer our strands become dry, we suffer from frizzy and greasy hair and especially our hair color fades. With the latter you only think about the wasted time spent at the hair colorist, because your hair color is not the same as before.

So, is there any way that we can still have healthy hair, though they will be filled with sand, chlorine, or salt water?

First things first, wear a hat at all times, because it will be your life savior. Wearing a hat does not only protect your skin from the UV rays, but it also creates a barrier for your hair, because the sun exposure, sweat and salt water remove the moisture from your strands by making them dry. Besides wearing a hat, there are plenty of hair products that can moisturize your hair, so keep in mind buying one before going on holidays.

While you stay at the beach, or at the swimming pool, your hair has the tendency to absorb the chemicals of the pool and salt water. Thus, it is important that before getting into water, you use a hair lotion that protects it. Such lotions can be leave-in conditioners, or treatments for damaged hair. By doing so, your hair will absorb the lotion you have applied and not the chlorine, or the salt water.

Greasy hair is very common during summer and in order to avoid it, hair experts recommend using dry shampoos.

If you do not want to suffer from dry hair that will also cause breakage, try air drying more than blow drying, and opt for cold showers instead of hot showers.

We totally recommend paying attention to your hair the same way as you pay attention to your skin. Opt for hair masks before heading to the beach or pool, and also try hair treatments while you are at the hair salon. Choose the products based on your hair type, and your hair will look healthy the entire season.

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By Enxhi Tufina


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