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How To Prepare Your Skin For Fall


With the changing of seasons, our skin also starts its transition period. There will be no more high-humidity and long hours spent in the sun. As Fall is just around the corner we will face chapped lips, dry and itchy skin, cracked cuticles, etc. As frustrating as this situation might be, we have the possibility to take actions and prevent the season’s changes from interfering in our skin.

The first thing to notice will be our skin’s uneven tone which is due to the fading tan. The solution to this problem is exfoliation whether at home, or at your dermatologist. Do not only exfoliate your body, but make sure that even your face and lips get their part of the deal. By doing so, you will maintain a healthy complexion during the dry weather.

Start using a serum that will help your skin transition and reduce any damage your skin suffered during summer.

The most important thing during Fall is the amount of moisturizer you apply on your skin. As the weather gets cooler, you should level up your moisturizer and maybe opt for a thick one. Pay close attention to your eye area too, as it is very delicate and time after time opt for an eye mask and relax.

As you exfoliate, moisturize and nourish your skin during the cool season and do not forget to protect it from the sun. Oh, yes, the sun will follow you 365 days of the year. Although the presence of the sun is not that strong during the Fall/Winter season, you should never leave the house without putting SPF on. Opt for a SPF 30 even on cloudy days, because the sun rays can still reach your skin without you being aware of.


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